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All UK employers wishing to hire an employee from outside of the European Union must have an Employer Sponsorship Licence under the points-based system for UK Immigration.

Sponsors, whether employers, colleges, religious bodies or otherwise, will be responsible for evaluating the suitability of candidates before issuing a certificate of sponsorship, and beyond this they will be obliged to monitor their conduct whilst in the UK.

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Employers are responsible for the immigration status of the foreign workers they employ.

The Home Office will conduct spot checks on UK employers who hire foreign workers. Under the UK immigration system, employers found to be in violation of their licence or with workers who are not compliant with UK immigration law may face criminal penalties.

Businesses in the UK will now be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that they are licensed to hire migrants and comply with current immigration regulations.
  • Issuing certificates to foreign workers to allow the worker to apply for entry clearance to the UK.
  • Ensuring that any foreign workers employed by the business are fully compliant with UK immigration law.

We can further assist any suitable candidates to apply for the relevant visa they require (usually Tier 2 or Tier 4 Points Based System Visas)

PK Immigration Lawyers can assist employers to register their company as sponsors as well as individual applications for visas for the UK.


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